Holidays already a headache for Nordstrom & Target

American retailers Nordstrom and Target came under fire for selling holiday items deemed inappropriate by customers, with Nordstrom removing the item from its mix while Target Stores has decided to continue selling the item.

For Nordstrom, the item in question was a take on the "ugly Christmas sweater" – a white and blue Hanukkah sweater with a star of David on the back and menorah on the front with the slogan "Chai Maintenance" written on it. Although the word "chai" is Hebrew for "life", the uproar was due to the word's pronunciation which sounds like "high", creating what was supposed to be the humourous "high maintenance". Unfortunately for Nordstrom, customers complained it was inappropriate and the retailer has since removed it from stores. It is still available from Faux Real, the brand which manufactures and entire line of ugly sweaters, on Amazon.

For Target, offense was taken with its red Christmas sweatshirt printer with the letters "OCD" and the words "Obsessive Christmas Disorder" on the front. While the company felt it was a funny play on the commonly used OCD medical term (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), many customers did not agree, instead feeling like it minimized the seriousness of the ailment and those who suffer from it. But Target has decided to continue retailing the item, which is available in stores on


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