The H2H Online Shopping Mall includes the top international better, designer and luxury department stores. World renown for their high fashions and extensive assortments, the list includes iconic names like HarrodsSaks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Lord & TaylorMacys, John Lewis and House of Fraser. Rounding out the offering are some of the largest chain department stores, such as Debenhams, Sears, JC Penney, Target, BHS (British Home Stores) and Walmart.

Find out more about their long histories, unique foundings and how they have succeeded in the competitive world of retail.

John Lewis Turns 150 Years Old


John Lewis is celebrating its 150th birthday this year. The venerable British department store chain, founded in 1864 as a drapery store on London's Oxford Street, has now sold to roughly 6 generations of shoppers. To put it in perspective, when John Lewis opened his Oxford Street store, London's population was 3.4 million. House of Fraser wouldn't appear in London for another 15 years (1879) and Selfridges would not be seen for another half century (1909).  Today, one hundred and fifty years later, the city's population has more than doubled to 8.2 million. John Lewis has grown from one small specialty shop into into a … Continue reading

House of Fraser Bought By Chinese Conglomerate


If you haven't been keeping up with retail news, a pretty big story broke broke about a week ago and was confirmed earlier today. The 60-unit British department store chain House of Fraser is being bought by China's Sanpower Group. The deal is set to be finalized later this week, according to Women's Wear Daily. House of Fraser has been a part of the retail scene in Great Britain since 1849. During its colorful history, it acquired many other department stores, including Beatties, Jenners and Howells. But probably the most well-known store it acquired was Harrods in 1959. House of Fraser owned Harrods … Continue reading

Sarah Jessica Parker and Nordstrom Team Up


Sarah Jessica Parker, best known for her playing Carrie Bradshaw, the fictional New York relationships columnist and over the top fashionista, has created a capsule collection which launches this week exclusively at select Nordstrom stores as well as on As one would expect, the mini-collection is focused primarily on two product categories: shoes and bags, with a few iconic clothing pieces, such as a grosgrain-trimmed nylon trench available in navy and khaki. In support of the launch, Parker is make in-store appearances at 5 Nordstrom stores throughout the country. These include a pop up store in New York's SoHo (372 … Continue reading

Saks Fifth Avenue to Open in Canada


Almost 3 months to the day Hudson Bay Corporation (HBC) closed the deal to acquire American luxury retailer Saks Fifth Avenue, it announced the first Saks store openings in Canada. Both stores will be located in Toronto, the most populated city in the country and forth most populated in North America (after Mexico City, New York and Los Angeles). While the announcement comes as no surprise, having been mentioned in the takeover plan, the location and timing of the openings sends a direct message to Nordstrom that it will need to compete hard to get market share. Nordstrom previously announced six … Continue reading

Expansion News for Nordstrom


Nordstrom is an iconic name when it comes to the retail industry. The venerable 137-year old establishment has expanded from its roots as a small regional shoe chain in the Pacific Northwest, renown for its high-level of customer service, to become a major force in the American fashion world. And it's not about to stop there! In late 2009, Nordstrom partnered with a company called Fifty One, which enabled it to begin accepting, fulfilling and shipping orders from international customers abroad. This has allowed international shoppers familiar with Nordstrom (for example, tourists who might visit a Nordstrom store while vacationing in the States, American expatriates … Continue reading

Lord & Taylor Mizner Park


If you haven't been in South Florida lately, you may not be aware that a few short months ago, Lord & Taylor continued its recent expansion (begun in 2012) by returning to South Florida with its first full-price store in almost a decade. The 80,000 square foot, 2-level L&T store is located at Mizner Park, the outdoor lifestyle center located in Boca Raton, Florida. The brand and merchandise assortment in the Boca Raton store is well edited, with a focus on brands more relevant to the Florida market. That need for a special assortment becomes much more apparent in the Fall/Winter than in … Continue reading

H2H Online Mall Store: Sears


Sears department stores, one of the largest retailers in the world, was founded in 1886 by Richard W. Sears. Sears started out by selling watches in Stewartville, Minnesota. A couple of years later, he moved the business to Chicago which is where he met and hired Alvah Roebuck, an experienced watchmaker. By the mid 1890's, the company was called Sears, Roebuck & Co. and it had began to expand the range of products it offered in its successful mail-order catalog. It was primarily focused on the rural customer, who had a harder time finding products in easy to reach stores, as this … Continue reading

Macys Heritage Store


As many people are aware, the Macys of today is a far cry from the Macys of yesteryear. Today the retailer is the largest department store chain in the Unites States with over 650 full-line stores and annual sales in excess of $27 billion. But it was only 20 years ago that Macys was sitting in bankruptcy pondering how it was going to emerge. On July 14th, 1994 a press release announced that Federated Department Stores was going to merge with Macys and would jointly develop a plan to bring Macys out of bankruptcy.  At the time Federated consisted of numerous … Continue reading

H2H Online Mall Store: Debenhams


For American shoppers unfamliar with the name Debenhams, here is some background on this mid-tier British department store chain. While the roots of this company date back to 1778 when a draper's shop was opened in London by two partners under the name Flint & Clark, it wasn't until 1813 that the Debenham's name showed up. In that year, a new partner joined the business, still with only one location, and the name was changed to Clark & Debenham. A few years later a second store was added in Cheltenham, not far from Gloucester. By the mid-1800's, the name had changed … Continue reading

American, British Stores Delivering to the Netherlands


  When ordering from department stores in the United States, an important point to remember is that because it is not part of the EU, merchandise purchased online to be delivered to you in the Netherlands, will be subject to both import duties and VAT tax. Most American retailers that offer international shipping work with a 3rd party which handles some portion of the checkout process. For example, they may work with a company like Fifty One, which specializes in the duty structure of foreign countries by merchandise category such that they are able to calculate and build in all … Continue reading

International Shopping in Luxembourg

Stores Delivering to Lux

Whether you happen to be an international resident in Luxembourg missing your favorite store, or a native who happens to appreciate fashion (and shopping), you may have wondered whether you could buy from a foreign retailer and have the order deliverd to you in Luxembourg. Well the answer to that question is yes…. and no. That is to say the answer is definitely maybe! Only within the past 12-24 months have selected American and British department stores offered international shipping through online shopping. But that is not to say that all major departments stores in The United States, Great Britain, … Continue reading

Department Stores Offering International Shipping


For shoppers who happen to live abroad, away from their native home land, knowing which of their favorite department stores offer international shipping and delivery comes in handy. Not only does it ease the settling in process, but it provides them with an ongoing connection to back home. Likewise, for shoppers who appreciate having access to favorite retailers from around the world, or perhaps stores they fell in love with while on a vacation, this can also be a helpful tool. Below is a list of the top department stores in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Ireland, the … Continue reading

H2H Online Mall Store: Nordstrom


  About Nordstrom department stores… For those shoppers who have never heard of Nordstrom (which, in all likelihood, would only be those living outside the United States), here is a little background on one of the largest American department store chains.  The company was founded in Seattle, Washington by Swedish immigrant John W. Nordstrom in 1901 as a shoe store named Wallin & Nordstrom (Wallin was the name of shoe repair business adjacent to the shoe store, and its owner became partners with Nordstrom). The business grew by focussing on a high level of customer service, and it offered a … Continue reading

H2H Online Mall Store: Macys


About Macys Department Stores… In 1858, R.H. (Rowland Hussy) Macy opened an upscale dry goods store on 14th Street in Manahattan and adopted as part of his logo a red star, a symbol which today is recognized by hundreds of millions of people in the U.S. and around the world. In 1862, Macys was the first department store to have Santa Claus appear in its store during the holiday season, a move mirrored by numerous department stores since.  By the early 1900's, Macy's had outgrown its 14th street store and moved uptown to the current location of its flagship store, … Continue reading

H2H Online Mall Store: Harrods


Harrods is London's premiere department store, catering primarily to the luxury market, with an extensive range of top British, European and American designers. The Harrods building is the city's single largest retail store, with over one million square feet of selling space and sitting on a property that is more than 5 acres. By comparison, the second largest store, Selfridges, is only slightly more than 1/2 that size. The Harrods lineage goes back to 1824, when  a 25 year-old named Henry Edward Harrod opened a drapers shop in the Southwark area of London, but it was not until 1849 that the current location came into … Continue reading