Gift Idea 2: Personalized Gifts

Nothing quite conveys that time and forethought went into selecting a gift for someone than a personalized gift. This can either be in the form of a present which is actually custom embroidered or embossed or a stock item which simply has the recipient's first or last initial.  You'll be … Continue reading

Valentines: Chocolate Gifts

"Sweets for my sweet!" is a thought many a lovebird has when it comes to Valentine's Day. The demand for chocolate filled hearts skyrockets in February, so it should come as no surprise that all the major department stores offer a selection of such chocolate delicacies from popular brands such as Ghiradeli, Russell Stover, … Continue reading

Valentines: Time for Fragrance

Over the years, perfumes and fragrances have always played a key role in sparking romance. Books and films often allude to a love interest's scent being, well…. unforgettable! So it is no wonder that the holiday which celebrates love, romance and passion would be one which drives strong sales of this gift category. … Continue reading