American, British Stores Delivering to the Netherlands

  When ordering from department stores in the United States, an important point to remember is that because it is not part of the EU, merchandise purchased online to be delivered to you in the Netherlands, will be subject to both import duties and VAT tax. Most American retailers that … Continue reading

Do you have your orange outfit for Queens Day?

Queens Day in the Netherlands is a meer few days off. It is the most celebrated national holiday of the year. It is also the biggest day of the year for the color orange, the Dutch national color. When living in the Netherlands, orange becomes synonymous with all things Dutch. … Continue reading

Best shopping cities in Europe

In a new survey just released by EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) called Globe Shopper City Index, London has been crowned the title of the best shopping destination city in Europe, besting other well known and visited fashion destinations including Paris and Milan. In my opinion, a well deserved accolade.  While … Continue reading