When expats first arrive in the Netherlands, it can take awhile to get used to the local shopping scene. Shorter retail hours can be challenging when working a full-time job; stores in most locations other than Amsterdam usually close by 6 pm. The names of Dutch department stores and High Street retail chains are likely to be unfamiliar to new residents, and beware most online shops in Holland are in the Dutch language. Finding a store in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam or elsewhere in the Netherlands that sells something you need, whether that be petite-sized clothing, a favorite shoe brand or a specific beauty product that was part of your daily regiment back home, can be time consuming.

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This Hollywood2Holland website offers shopping info and advice for expats and internationals living in the Netherlands. You’ll find store options of where to buy things, learn about Dutch fashion brands, find out what Dutch words commonly seen in advertisements and in-store signs means in English, plus your consumer rights when living in Holland, things to know about purchasing from a non-EU website, exciting store openings (and sad store closings), brand updates, fashion trends and more.