Shopping, fashion, trends, retail news… in a land of windmills!

Hollywood2Holland is a blog by an American expat who went from Hollywood (California) to Holland (Netherlands). The goal is to provide useful shopping advice to internationals who may have just arrived in the country and may be unfamiliar with Dutch retail.

Settling into life in Holland can take awhile; don’t expect it to happen overnight and don’t get frustrated because you don’t know basic things. After all, how long did it take you to acquire the knowledge you have about your former place of residence?

Hopefully the information and tips you’ll find on this website will alleviate some anxiety and expedite the learning process, at least in regards to shopping in Holland.

In addition, stay up-to-date on current fashion trends and local Dutch retail news, whether you live in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht or any number of expat-friendly cities in the Netherlands.

Hollywood2Holland shopping tips for expats Netherlands


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