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The Dutch are known for having a penchant for bicycles. Just about everyone cycles in Holland…commuters, students, mothers with toddlers, senior citizens, school children, bar hoppers, club owners, police officers, government ministers, competitive cyclists, and the list goes on. It is estimated there are more bicycles in Holland than there are people. The variety of bikes you find in the Netherlands is also worth noting, especially when it comes to cargo transport. The most common cargo being transported? Children. One learns the term bakfiets quite quickly.

Will Holland's preferred form of transportation catch on elsewhere? Our neighbors in the UK cycle quite a bit these days. The Italians and French love to bike through the countryside. Biking in Hong Kong and Singapore is quite popular and in cities such as New York, bike lanes have been popping up over the last several years.

Below is a mix of both common and not-so-common bicycles available from some of the retailers in the H2H Online Shopping Mall.

Top RowBobbie Brown Blossom pink traditional ladies city bike (€483.74 Cycles UK**), Dunlop Explore Tourer men's black 18-speed city bike (€143.99 SportsDirect**), Martone Cycling Co. men's St. Germain orange single-gear bike ($1100 Saks Fifth Avenue*)

Second RowHuffy Champion men's 26" cruiser bike with rear rack and front padded storage case ($143.99 Kohls*), Hollandia Amsterdam M1 28" transport bike ($399.99 Kohls *), Electra Coaster 1 hot pink women's gearless cruiser bike (£271.35, Amazon UK **)


Third RowM Wave foldable luggage rack ($183.99,*), Northwoods men's dual drive red tandem bike ($249.99 Target*), iBike handle bar mount for iPhone, iPod Touch (£9.99 Amazon UK **), PedalPro black Pannier saddle bags (£8.95 Amazon UK **)

Fourth RowSchwinn Meridan blue 26" adult 3-wheeler ($248.99/€230 Sears**), InSTEP Take 2 double seat bike trailer ($150 JC Penney**), Schwinn Trailblazer blue/black double-seat bicycle trailer ($189.99 Target *), Dunlop Twist unisex lightweight folding bike with 20" tires and 6 gears (€203.99 SportsDirect**)

* international delivery not available
** international delivery available

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