Fragrance Exclusives at Top Department Stores

One of the benefits of being a highly respected retailer with a bit of clout, is being able to request exclusives from your fragrance suppliers. Not only does it look good in marketing, being the sole distributor of Brand X's Fragrance Y in Region Z, but it helps set the … Continue reading

Valentines: Time for Fragrance

Over the years, perfumes and fragrances have always played a key role in sparking romance. Books and films often allude to a love interest's scent being, well…. unforgettable! So it is no wonder that the holiday which celebrates love, romance and passion would be one which drives strong sales of this gift category. … Continue reading

Chanel: The Legend

The Hague, NL – The exhibition The Chanel Legend recently started a run at the Gemeente Museum here in The Hague, which continues through February 2, 2014. It offers insight to the life of Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel, the French woman (born 1883 in Saumur), who came from her humble beginnings … Continue reading

Lady Gaga Fragrance Update

In an earlier article, H2H reported that international singing sensation Lady Gaga would be releasing her first fragrance shortly. The perfume, named Lady Gaga Fame, won't be arriving in American department store Macys until Wednesday, August 22nd, but is available for pre-order through the H2H Online Shopping Mall. To place … Continue reading

Lady Gaga Fragrance Coming in August

Earlier this week it was announced that the 26 year-old international singing sensation will be releasing her very first fragrance, appropriately named Lady Gaga Fame. The scent, which is described as unique in its chemistry, has been constructed and will be marketed by Coty. Unlike most perfumes which are built … Continue reading