H&M to Take Over Maison de Bonneterie Locations

Not too long ago we eulogized the Maison de Bonneterie store in The Hague prior to its closing. We provided some insight into the history of the landmark building and rhetorically wondered what would become of the location?  The answer to that question was revealed today when Vogue NL announced … Continue reading

The Hague Retail Scene

It's always sad to say goodbye to a fashion boutique here in The Hague, especially if it has been around longer than a season (that is to say, a lot of shops come and go quickly here, sometimes in a single season). Whether it be brand-owned stores, such as Pringle of Scotland … Continue reading

Have you heard of SWIMS?

Despite just having blogged just yesterday, I couldn't help but put something quick together about a great find called SWIMS. It was totally by chance I came upon these. I just happened to be walking through the centre city area of The Hague yesterday evening, when I walked by a … Continue reading

Best shopping cities in Europe

In a new survey just released by EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) called Globe Shopper City Index, London has been crowned the title of the best shopping destination city in Europe, besting other well known and visited fashion destinations including Paris and Milan. In my opinion, a well deserved accolade.  While … Continue reading

The Hague’s international fashion status

For those readers who have been to The Hague, I thought I would make you aware of a fashion survey being run as a graduate project by a student attending the Delft University of Technology with the support of the local government of The Hague. I could not sit here … Continue reading

Favorite The Rodeo Drive of Amsterdam

Large cities throughout the world will usually have at least one well-known fashion shopping street, where higher end designer stores all seem to congregate. In Beverly Hills you have Rodeo Drive, in Los Angeles you have Robertson Boulevard, Chicago has State Street, Miami Beach has Ocean Drive, New York has 5th Avenue, … Continue reading

Retail stores on this side of the pond…

While I plan down the road to give some opinions about specific retailers on this side of the Atlantic, good, bad or otherwise, I couldn't help but take a minute to point out something I thought was hysterical when I first arrived, and still do today. For years, U.S. fashion … Continue reading

Ladies and gentleman… the baristas have arrived!

  It has been just about two years since I arrived in Holland. And during that time, one of the things I have missed most has been Starbucks.  Yes, believe it or not, there are still countries where Starbucks is not nearly as penetrated in the market, or sometimes even … Continue reading