Classic Fashion: Wimbledon

Grass tennis courts, players all in white, royal spectators, strawberries and cream. It could only reference one thing… Wimbledon!

The world's greatest tennis players have been congregating at the prestigious All England Lawn Tennis Club for 137 years. It is regarded by many as the most elite of the 4 Grand Slam tennis tournaments (the others being the Australian Open, the French Open and the U.S. Open). It is the only major which is played on grass and the only one which enforces a strict dress code: no color, no logos, white only! Men in shorts, women in skirts. Proper etiquette is also required. Players making their way to centre court were required to bow (male) or courtsey (female) to the Royal Box up until 2003. That rule has been relaxed except for when the Queen or heir (Prince Charles) are in attendance. A player talented and lucky enough to win the title and become a Wimbledon champion will get to meet royalty first hand as the singles champions are presented their trophy by the Duke of Kent.

All of this tradition and prestige has created an aspirational fashion industry. Wearing a Wimbledon shirt or using a Wimbledon towel often generates a sense of respect since not many people ever get to attend such a regal event and far fewer ever get to compete in the tournament.

But whether you are attending this year, have been in the past or just always dreamed about playing or attending Wimbledon, you can find a lovely collection of Wimbledon-related clothing and fashion items and even tennis balls. Have a look…

1- Wimbledon face towels, set of two: green/purple or pink/blue (£10 John Lewis) 2- Wimbledon cap by POLO Ralph Lauren (£45 House of Fraser)  3- Slazenger Wimbledon tennis balls, can of 4 (€7.50 SportsDirect)  4- Wimbledon white/navy polo shirt by POLO Ralph Lauren  ($98 Bloomingdales)  5- Wimbledon bomber jacket by POLO Ralph Lauren (£195 House of Fraser)  6- Wimbledon navy/white striped rugby jersey by POLO Ralph Lauren (£135 John Lewis)  7- Wimbledon RLX v-neck tee shirt by POLO Ralph Lauren ($45 Lord & Taylor)  8- Wimbledon All England Club long sleeve jumper (£110 John Lewis)  9- POLO Ralph Lauren Wimbledon Ball Boy uniform polo shirt top ($98 Macys)  10- RLX by Ralph Lauren purple Wimbledon v-neck tee shirt (£50 House of Fraser)  11- Slazenger Wimbledon tennis balls, 6 dozen, 4 per can (€70.50 SportsDirect) 12- Wimbledon sport hand towel, available in green, purple, pink or blue (£14 John Lewis)  13- Wimbledon 2014 beach towel by Christy, available in green/purple or pink/blue (€29 John Lewis)


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