Fashion Focus: Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is a household name, not just in America, but around the world. The brand that bears his name generated nearly 5 billion dollars (USD) in retail sales in 2011 worldwide. Tommy still holds the title of Chief Merchandising Officer, even though he hasn't actually fully owned the brand in a very long time. As of 2010, the American conglomerate PVH (formerly known as Philips-Van Heusen Corporation), has owned the brand.

Tommy has been in the news even more than usual the past week for two reasons. The first was his March 8th hot seat interview with Fern Mallis (founder of New York Fashion Week) at the 92nd Street Y, as part of her Fashion Icons With Fern Mallis celebrity interview program. Having worked for Tommy Hilfiger, I was aware of most of the information which came out during the interview, but for those less familiar with Tommy's story, it does provide good insight into who Tommy is and some interesting highlights regarding his career and the history of the Tommy Hilfiger business over the past 28 years. You can read highlights from the interview in WWD.

The second reason Tommy has been in the news recently stems from his new job moonlighting as the image advisor for the contestants on the current, Season 11 American Idol. The naming of Tommy into this position isn't a huge stretch since he has always associated himself with the music scene and assorted musical icons. Through his Hilfiger Denim brand, the company supports many up and coming artists through a series of music concerts called the Hilfiger Sessions. Additionally, if you are from the New York City area, you may remember for several years the Tommy Hilfiger brand was the main sponsor of the Jones Beach Theatre, the open-air concert arena located on Long Island halfway between the city (where the Tommy Hilfiger business is based) and the Hamptons, where Tommy once had what would be referred to as nothing less than a mansion. He sold that house back in 2007 for $24.5 million. Tommy's fashion direction can be seen on the show starting on March 15th.

Below, H2H highlights some items from the Spring 2012 Tommy Hilfiger collection, which is truly a full lifestyle brand. Besides men's, women's and children's clothing, shoes and accessories, Tommy also offers such product categories as luggage, linens and domestics. The merchandise below is available from retailers in the H2H International Online Shopping Mall.

1) Hilfiger Denim Dodge nautical yellow, sailing jacket £119.95 at Zalando, 2) Tommy Hilfiger Derrick pink plaid swim trunks £55 at Tommy Hilfiger UK, 3) Tommy Hilfiger rotating calendar watch with blue silicone strap $105 at Nordstrom, 4) Tommy Hilfiger Tailored blue and brown woven belt £79.95 at Zalando, 5) Hilfiger Denim YOUS navy cap £21.95 at Zalando, 6) Tommy Hilfiger curved wrap sunglasses £110 at Debenhams, 7) Tommy Hilfriger Lyell crested polo in assorted colors $69.50 at Macys, 8) Tommy Hilfiger mens 50ml cologne £27 at Amazon UK, 9) Tommy Hilfiger flat sheet sets in assorted colors, sizes, prices at Macys, 10) Tommy Hilfiger Fandango pink polka dot beach towel with lime green stripe $42 at Macys, 11) Tommy Hilfiger Hillary pink plaid sling espadrille $69 at Macys, 12) Tommy Hilfiger flat rectangular face watch with navy grosgrain strap $85 at Macys, 13) Tommy Hilfiger Lucy pink polo-inspired dress £89.95 at Zalando, 14) Tommy Hilfiger Rome navy nautical-inspired skirt with gold buttons £100 at Tommy Hilfiger UK, (see descriptions of items #15-35 after the image)

15) Tommy Hilfiger chronograph watch with white silicone flex strap $125 at Macys, 16) Hilfiger Denim red leather gladiator footbed sandal £85 at Javari, 17) Tommy Hilfiger Charlotte II red plaid tote £140 at Javari, 18) Tommy Hilfiger black/natural logo tote $98 at Macys, 19) Tommy Hilfiger Daisie ankle strap, wedge espadrille in black patent with logo ornament $79 at Macys, 20) Tommy Hilfiger sleeveless scoop neck, A-line floral dress $98.50 at Macys, 21) Tommy Hilfiger Chicago quarter strap nautical-inspired white leather, wood bottom sandal $89 at Macys, 22) Tommy Hilfiger Eleonore navy one-piece swimsuit with white stripe detail £70 at Tommy Hilfiger UK, 23) Tommy Hilfiger Garcia foulard print, scoop neck dress £125 at Tommy Hilfiger UK, 24) Tommy Hilfiger silver bangle with black enamel logo detail £83.82 at Amazon UK, 25) Tommy Hilfiger Khaki Oxford Collection bedding items at Macys, 26) Tommy Hilfiger gift card at Tommy Hilfiger UK, 27) Tommy Hilfiger black 2-button, slim fit tuxedo jacket and tuxedo pants at Macys, 28) Tommy Hilfiger black and white cufflinks  £41.49 at Amazon UK, 29) Tommy Hilfiger Andre white canvas/navy nubuck penny loafers £145 at Tommy Hilfiger UK, 30) Tommy Hilfiger Chino blue suede, 2-eye boat shoe with white outsole £106 at Spartoo, 31) Tommy Hilfiger Marco blue window pane short sleeve shirt $59.50 at Macys, 32) Tommy Hilfiger Mercer straight leg jeans £85 at John Lewis, 33) Tommy Hilfiger silk navy/yellow gingham plaid skinny tie $59.50 at Macys, 34) Tommy Hilfiger yellow and blue checked oxford $65 at Macys, 35) Tommy Hilfiger navy 2-button blazer with gold tone buttons $250 at Macys.



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