The Hague’s international fashion status

For those readers who have been to The Hague, I thought I would make you aware of a fashion survey being run as a graduate project by a student attending the Delft University of Technology with the support of the local government of The Hague.

I could not sit here and comment on aspects of the local retail scene and then not take part in such a survey.  So I am here to say I have completed it and I hope any readers who have been to The Hague will also take it and give some input about how they see the retail and fashion world of The Hague comparing to other cities in the Netherlands or outside.

To access the survey, you can follow this link.

But I do have to relay a warning, because I don't want the same to happen to you as happened to me.  There are three parts of the survey.  Close to the end of the second part, I believe it is, there is a question about your thoughts of The Hague's centrum as in international shopping destination.  I believe that is how it is worded.

So I preceded to answer the question. Mind you, to me it was pretty open ended, right?! So there I am typing away my thoughts on the question, which of course led to me making suggestions on improvements, explaining why I would suggest each thing I did. It was very reasonable and thorough.  No questions as to what I meant.

So then I hit next to go to the next section, but it won't go.  So I see the little red blurb that has popped up saying that my answer has exceeded the 800 word limit.  And I thought to myself:

a) okay, I guess I got a little wordy and I could understand that with the price of paper that….oh wait, it was online….there was no cost to anybody for an extended answer, and

b) isn't that a little rude?

So I scrolled back and took out a line here and a paragraph there and hit the next button again, and still it wouldn't go forward. I thought, what the hell is going on here? And then I saw it! The little red blurb did not say 800 words… it said 800 characters!!

Well after making sure I hadn't broken any bones when I fell out of my chair, I figured out that I was not going to waste this valuable advice.  So I took my entire response, copied it over to a Word document, left the answer blank, click on next and completed the rest of the survey.  I then proceeded to find the email of the editing czar coordinating the survey, attached that Word document,  hit send, and that time it went!

So that is my word of advice! Either keep it short, or don't even bother trying to fit a real answer into an impossibly inadequately sized window.  Just answer it in an alternative format and send it off!  But please do take part.  I think feedback from shoppers who have been to The Hague and also lived outside the Netherlands, besides me (LOL) can provide constructive feedback.

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