Fragrance Exclusives at Top Department Stores

One of the benefits of being a highly respected retailer with a bit of clout, is being able to request exclusives from your fragrance suppliers. Not only does it look good in marketing, being the sole distributor of Brand X's Fragrance Y in Region Z, but it helps set the retailer apart from its competitors. In a world where department stores tend to start looking very much alike, exclusives can set retailers apart from each other.

Exclusive fragrances can be among the most pricey perfumes and colognes on the market. A good example would be Salvatore Ferragamo's Signorina Eleganza Unique Edition which is exclusive to Harrods. It retails for £26,500 (approximately $37,000) for a 1000ml bottle. 

Here are some additional designer fragrances which are exclusive to a a specific retailer:

Clockwise from top left: BVLGARI Noorah is exclusive to Bloomingdales, TOM DAXON Sicilian Wood is exclusive to Liberty, SERGE LUTENS Vitriol dÓeillet is exclusive to Liberty, SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Signorina Eleganza Unique Edition is exclusive to Harrods, GUERLAIN Aqua Allegoria is exclusive to Nordstrom, LANCOME LÁutre Oud En Rose is exclusive to Harrods, MARIA LUX Truly is exclusive to Liberty, LANVIN Arpege Eclat dÁperge Pretty Face is exclusive to Nordstrom, DEAR ROSE La Favorite is exclusive to Harrods, PARFUMS DE MARLY Safanad is exclusive to Nordstrom


MILLER HARRIS La Fumee is exclusive to Harrods, DOLCE & GABANNA Velvet Desire is exclusive to Harrods, VALENTINO Valentina gift set is exclusive to Lord & Taylor, KATE SPADE NEW YORK Walk on Air is exclusive to Nordstrom, LÁRTISAN PARFUMEUR Onde Sensuelle is exclusive to Harrods



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