Gift Idea 3: World City Mugs

Just about everyone has taken a trip to a destination they fell in love with. Whether it was the the hotel, the food, the weather, the activities or a combination of all of these, the trip left a profound positive impression on the person. So here's your chance to make all those trip-of-a-lifetime memories come flooding back to someone special (whether it be your brother, sister, parent, grandparent or good friend) with a fashionable world city mug by the highly respected German brand Villeroy & Boch.

We love these mugs for a number of reasons: 1) there is a great selection of city mugs to choose from (over 20 of the most popular destination cities), 2) the unique modern silhouette is extremely attractive and eye-catching, 3) there  are several iconic images of the city (rather than just one), and 4) they are sharply priced and fit into just about any budget.

Have a look…

World City Mugs

Top Row (l to r): Paris Mug, London mug, Sydney mug, Rio de Janiero mug, Vienna mug, Second Row (l to r): New York City mug, Barcelona mug, Tokyo mug, Copenhagen mug, Prague mug, Third Row (l to r): Berlin mug, Brussels mug, Istanbul mug, Cape Town mug, Amsterdam mug. Not shown: Dusseldorf mug, Moscow mug, Rome mug, Shanghai mug, Warsaw mug



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