Gift Idea 5: USB Flash Drives

In today's modern, mobile world, we all would love quick access to our media files stored on a home computer, whether they be music files, video file or even documents. This may be the case for those who have a long commute to work and need more variety of entertainment than will fit on the tablet's limited hard drive, or it might be a business person heading to an offsite meeting who needs to ensure he has all the electronic files he may need for his sales meeting, presentation, etc. 

In fact, this demand for instant access to files is so common these days that tiny flash drives with large memories are now available concealed within a fashion accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, keychains and money clips.

This is why Christmas Gift Idea #5 is fashionable USB flash drives.

Check out the 15 items below which are currently available on the market and are the perfect gift for anyone who leads a mobile life.

1-PORSCHE DESIGN 32GB USB flash drive (€30.85 Klein), 2-SWAROVSKI Lovely Crystals 8GB USB memory stick (€79 Swarovski), 3-CUFFLINKS INC. 8GB USB flash drive money clip ($80 Nordstrom), 4-SWAROVSKI Vao 8GB USB memory stick with crystal embellishment (€59 Swarovski), 5-SANDISK 64GB USB jump drive (€27.99 Klein), 6-MINIONS Stuart 32GB USB flash drive ($24.99 Target), 7-ROXY Jagged Stripe 16GB USB flash drive ($16.99 Target), 8-MICHAEL Michael Kors key ring with concealed  GB USB flash drive ($78 check current sale price Macys), 9-SWAROVSKI Crystalline pen with concealed USB flash drive (€79 Swarovski)

USB Flash Drives Gift Ideas

10-SWAROVSKI Vilja crystal adorned key fob with concealed 8GB USB jump drive (€79 Swarovski), 11-ANNE KLEIN silver tone lariat necklace with concealed USB flash drive ($40 check current sale price Macys), 12-ANNE KLEIN gold tone mesh bracelet with hidden USB flash drive ($40 check current price Macys), 13-SWAROVSKI Vilja crystal mesh bracelet with concealed 8GB USM flash drive (€119 Swarovski), 14-SWAROVSKI Supreme USB Bracelet with 8GB USB flash drive concealed under blue crystal (€99 Swarovski), 15-NINE WEST black leather/calf hair bracelet with rhinestone embellishment and concealed 4GB USB flash drive ($40 Nordstrom)


Also have a look at the USB flash drives/ memory sticks available from these retailers…







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