Gift Idea 7: Star Wars

While everyone may not be a huge fan of the Star Wars movie franchise, there are certainly millions of them out there. As such, the chances are pretty high that there is someone on your Christmas list who would love to receive a Star Wars present tied into the forthcoming (expected) blockbuster film Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens (being released mid-December).

In fact, it is very likely that the sale of Star Wars-related merchandise will actually exceed the film's box office receipts! That's what happens when you release the 7th film in the most successful movie franchise of all time, fans/customers who will buy an article or two from the new merchandise collection because they have loved one or more of the past films.

You probably already noticed that Star Wars merchandise is being carried at just about every major department store around. Of course there is a difference in the assortment offered, with better grade stores selling the more expensive items and even some that are exclusive to them.

Below are 15 Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens gift ideas for that adult male Star Wars fan on your Christmas list.

1- Star Wars Stormtrooper Starbucks-esque logo coffee mug (AMAZON US,  AMAZON UK), 2- Star Wars sterling silver bracelet with R2D2 and Rebel Alliance charms (Sale $44.99 KOHLSs), 3- Star Wars 'May The Force Be With You' stainless steel ring (Sale $24.99 KOHLS), 4- Star Wars Darth Vader stainless steel tiebar ($34 NORDSTROM), 5- Star Wars Darth Vader watch (Sale $22.74 KOHLS), 6- Star Wars TIE Fighter silk necktie ($50 NORDSTROM), 7- Star Wars Journal + Pen Gift Set from Cross (£55 CROSS), 8- Chewbacca Rebel t-shirt ($38 exclusively at BLOOMINGDALES)


9- The Art of Star Wars hardcover coffee table book ($40 check sale price BARNES & NOBLE), 10- Star Wars Episode 7 Monopoly board game by Hasbro ($44.99 KOHLS), 11- Star Wars Darth Vader and Jedi print mens lounge pants/pajama bottom (£15.99 AMAZON UK), 12- Star Wars slippers with new Jedi Order logo (£19.99 AMAZON UK), 13- Star Wars Chewbacca mens boxer shorts ($24 MACYS), 14-Star Wars slippers with Stromtrooper logo (£12 BHS), 15- Star Wars Episode 7 mens boxers ($24 KOHLS)


Also find Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens gift ideas at these retailers:




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