H&M to Take Over Maison de Bonneterie Locations

Not too long ago we eulogized the Maison de Bonneterie store in The Hague prior to its closing. We provided some insight into the history of the landmark building and rhetorically wondered what would become of the location? 


The answer to that question was revealed today when Vogue NL announced that H&M would establish flagship stores in both of the former Maison de Bonneterie locations, on the Rokin in Amsterdam and on the Buitenhof in The Hague. 


The Amsterdam location offers approximately 5,000 sqm of retail space on 7 selling floors. The Hague store is just slightly smaller at 4,500 sqm on 6 levels. The stores are similar in their Parisian styling despite being designed by different architects and being constructed 25 years apart (1889 and 1913, respectively).

Both locations will house all H&M departments under one roof, including mens, womens and childrens apparel, footwear, accessories. limited edition collections and home. They are expected to open in Fall 2015. This means the Rotterdam H&M store due to open later this month, will hold the title of largest H&M store in Europe for approximately a year until either of the new flagships opens its doors. 

The announcement has brought mixed reaction, with many showing concern for the venerable buildings and what renovations H&M will carryout. The fears needn't run too deep as both stores hold protected monumental status, limiting changes to minor cosmetic adjustments for operational purposes.


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