International Christmas Ornaments

For the global avid traveler and international expat, Christmas can be a time for remembering a highly enjoyable vacation spot or a city abroad where one might have lived for a time. How so? With one of the many novelty Christmas tree ornaments which focus on the theme of travel. Popular ornament designer Christopher Radko offers these, as does Nordstrom and several other retailers. There are many styles of ornaments which are related to this theme. Some have a city, state or country name on them, while others may be an interpretation of a certain characteristic of the people from a region. In other cases, an ornament may simply be a national flag. 

If you are one of these internationally minded persons, below are ten location-oriented novelty Christmas tree ornaments for you to check out.

1) Globe ornament (Harrods), 2) Canadian flag ornament (Bloomingdales), 3) Buckingham Palace ornament (Bloomingdales), 4) Parthenon ornament (Bloomingdales), 5) Kurt Adler Paris ornament (Bloomingdales), 6) Kurt Adler London ornament (Bloomingdales), 7) Nordstrom at Home California state ornament (Nordstrom), 8) Kurt Adler Rome ornament (Bloomingdales), 9) Nordstrom at Home Russia suitcase ornament (Nordstrom), 10) Nordstrom at Home Rejkjavik suitcase ornament (Nordstrom)



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