King’s Day Orange in Holland

The Netherlands celebrates its first Kings Day on Saturday, April 26th. The color of the day? Bright orange. This is the color of the Royal Family, descents of the House of Oranje-Nassau, and a color which has been accepted more broadly as the color of the Dutch people. Have you got your orange fashion item prepared for the day? If not, here are 21 clothing and accessory items available online which can get you all set for the biggest holiday of the year in the Lowlands.

Order today to get your item well in advance of Kings Night (the night before) and Kings Day. Most items are reasonable priced, which is always helpful when purchasing an article you may not have opportunity to wear except on special Dutch feest days or to Dutch sporting events.

#1 Nike orange short sleeve football jersey (£14.99 M&M Direct), #2 NUFC orange sports watch (£21.60 SportsDirect), #3 Men's Duck & Cover orange long sleeve jumper (£29.99 M&M Direct), #4 Nike light orange mesh running cap (£21.59 SportsDirect), #5 Nike long sleeve orange compression shirt (£16.99 M&M Direct), #6 Levis orange baseball cap (€13.90 Levis NL), #7 Levis women's orange diamond-pattern bandana with lace trim (€13.90 Levis NL), #8 Heirloom drop earrings with orange stone (£3.90 Forever 21), #9 Orange beaded necklace (£9.90 Forever 21), #10 Onfire women's tie cardigan in sinset orange (£9.99 M&M Direct)


#11 No Fear orange retro sport watch (£3.59 SportsDirect), #12 Classic salmon A-line skirt (£18.75 Forever 21), #13 Levis orange synthetic leather clutch (€34.95 Levis NL), #14 Orange and cream paisley print skirt (£18.75 Forever 21), #15 Orange and blue tribal print flat (£16.99 Forever 21), #16 Levis womens skinny orange leather belt (€27.90 Levis NL), #17 Amscam orange fesora hat (£5.49 Amazon UK), #18 Fluid men's orange walking shorts (£14.99 M&M Direct), #19 Vision men's orange canvas oxford (€12 SportsDirect), #20 Dockers Field Khaki orange twills (€75 Dockers NL), #21 Nike orange warmup jacket (£29.99 M&M Direct)


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