New Year’s Resolution Suggestions

It is that time of the year to reflect on what we have and have not achieved in 2011, and to set our sights on new challenges for 2012.

Some people have a hard time coming up with resolutions while others just plain forget to establish some goals for bettering themselves in the year ahead. So H2H has put together a list of common resolutions and also provide you with some ammunition for tackling them from the start.

Give these suggested 2012 resolutions some consideration:

1) Learn a new language.

2) Improve your punctuality.

3) Lose weight and improve your fitness.

4) Travel more.

5) Stay more in touch with current events.

6) Stop smoking.

7) Read 10 books.

8) Make a major investment for your future.

9) Redo a room in your home.

10) Update and edit your wardrobe.

Below we have put together some aids available from retailers in the H2H Online Shopping Mall to help achieve each of the above resolutions.

1) Rosetta Stone multi media language learning available at Barnes & Noble, How To Learn Any Language book £10.35 at Amazon UK, 2) Women's DKNY watch with timer $85.05 at World of Watches, men's Diesel digital watch with timer £63.99 at Amazon UK, mini travel alarm from Seiko $30 at Macys, 3) Belly Off Diet book $15.92 at, Pilates Weight Loss Workout for Dummies book £8.00 at Littlewoods, Jane Fonda Fit & Strong DVD $10.19 at Amazon US, 4) 4-piece US Traveler luggage set $139.99 at Smart Bargains, Lonely Planet's 1000 Ultimate Sights book £15.99 at John Lewis, 5) Nook Color for convenient reading of newspapers and magazines $179.99 at, International Herald Tribune subscription for Kindle £12.99/year at Amazon UK (see # 6-10 after the image)

6) ZeroSmoke quit smoking program $31.99 at, Nicorette nicotine inhalator with 42 Cartridges £16 at Amazon UK, 7) selection of books at Barnes & Noble, Sh*t My Father Says book $10.87 at Target, 8) Stock Trader's Almanac 2012 book €24.76 at Overstock, Financial Times Guide to Pensions and Wealth in Retirement advice book £13.74 at Amazon UK, 9) TheatreSeatStore's 3-seat curved leather home theatre seats $1699.99 at Best Buy, DreamLine single panel tub door €232.14 at Overstock, 10) shop any of the great clothing and accessories stores in the H2H Online Shopping Mall.

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