Premium Department Stores Leverage Names at Holidays

There are only a handful of department stores which have the ability to leverage their name with consumers when the holidays roll around. It is a very select few which have built their brand well enough to be able to put it on Christmas tree ornaments and then have those decorations blow out, often at prices substantially higher than other decorations they sell. 

Below are examples of ornaments from 5 retailers in this very select group of stores. They have spent years developing and maintaining a relationship with their customers while also remaining respected and aspirational to the general public at large. Find below ornaments by the "brands" Harrods, Bloomingdales, Macys, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue.  

1) Harrods 2014 solid color ornament with gold glitter logo £7.95, 2) Harrods Union Jack 2014 logo tree bauble £12.95, 3) Harrods 2014 hinged, egg shaped tree decoration £16.95, 4) Bloomingdales Little Brown Bag with presents Christmas tree ornament $45, 5) Michael Storrings Bloomingdales ornament with image of the iconic 3rd Ave Bloomingdales store $132, 6)  Macys metal shopping bag ornament with star logo $  , 7) Holiday Lane Christmas ball with Macys shoppers and logo $18, 8) Holiday Lane Santa handblown glass ornament with Macys logo $11, 9) Nordstrom at Home Decades Beverly retro shopping bag glass ornament $24, 10) Nordstrom at Home shopping bag with presents glass tree ornament $24, 11) Saks Fifth Avenue round Christmas tree bauble with iconic 5th Avenue store image $110, 12) Saks Fifth Avenue shopping bag glass ornament with presents $78, 13) Saks Fifth Avenue shopper glass Christmas tree ornament $60.




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