Target Stores Quietly Begins International Shipping

American discount department store Target has quietly begun accepting online orders from abroad and shipping them internationally which is bound to make many expats from the United States quite happy. After all, no stores here in Europe are really equivalent in terms of the assortment + price + fashion equation. In Holland, the … Continue reading

Kohls Department Stores

Kohl's is an American department store chain which targets consumers in the lower to mid-tier price range. The firm is headquartered in the Great Lakes region, just outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Lake Michigan. Founded in 1946 as a supermarket, the first Kohls department store did not appear until 1962. By … Continue reading

H2H Online Mall Store: Sears

Sears department stores, one of the largest retailers in the world, was founded in 1886 by Richard W. Sears. Sears started out by selling watches in Stewartville, Minnesota. A couple of years later, he moved the business to Chicago which is where he met and hired Alvah Roebuck, an experienced watchmaker. By … Continue reading

American, British Stores Delivering to the Netherlands

  When ordering from department stores in the United States, an important point to remember is that because it is not part of the EU, merchandise purchased online to be delivered to you in the Netherlands, will be subject to both import duties and VAT tax. Most American retailers that … Continue reading

International Shopping in Luxembourg

Whether you happen to be an international resident in Luxembourg missing your favorite store, or a native who happens to appreciate fashion (and shopping), you may have wondered whether you could buy from a foreign retailer and have the order deliverd to you in Luxembourg. Well the answer to that … Continue reading

Department Stores Offering International Shipping

For shoppers who happen to live abroad, away from their native home land, knowing which of their favorite department stores offer international shipping and delivery comes in handy. Not only does it ease the settling in process, but it provides them with an ongoing connection to back home. Likewise, for … Continue reading

H2H Online Mall Store: Nordstrom

  About Nordstrom department stores… For those shoppers who have never heard of Nordstrom (which, in all likelihood, would only be those living outside the United States), here is a little background on one of the largest American department store chains.  The company was founded in Seattle, Washington by Swedish … Continue reading