Gift Idea 13: e-Gift Cards

Despite the valiant shopping efforts people make during the holiday season, sometimes we still find ourselves at the 11th hour with a few names on that Christmas List without a line through it. Unfortunately just about every online retailer is telling you gifts ordered at this point will be delivered after Christmas. … Continue reading

Kohls Department Stores

Kohl's is an American department store chain which targets consumers in the lower to mid-tier price range. The firm is headquartered in the Great Lakes region, just outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Lake Michigan. Founded in 1946 as a supermarket, the first Kohls department store did not appear until 1962. By … Continue reading

Where to Find the Best Online Discount Shopping

These days everyone shops online, and why not? The convenience of being able to do it at your own leisure, regardless of what time it is, in your own home, without having to brave the elements, the crowds and the potential disappointment of driving all the way to a store … Continue reading

H2H Online Mall Store: Sears

Sears department stores, one of the largest retailers in the world, was founded in 1886 by Richard W. Sears. Sears started out by selling watches in Stewartville, Minnesota. A couple of years later, he moved the business to Chicago which is where he met and hired Alvah Roebuck, an experienced watchmaker. By … Continue reading